Rubany Palace
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Rubany Palace
Shah Jahan (The King who buit Taj Mahal) who came to Dal Lake of Kashmir. He saw the beautiful scenary and said: 'If there is a paradise on earth, it must be here!' The accommodation is too magnificent to be called a Rubany Palace of Houseboats. These luxury Houseboats are affordable. A houseboat is truly made for emperors. Houseboats are approximately 50 yards long. One end contains three-four bedrooms fit for royalty - each with Attach bathroom and dressing room and all the conveniences necessary for private matters and elegant dressing. Each room has a hand-crafted ceiling and hand-carved cedar paneled walls. The floors and corridor are thickly covered with traditional and colorful Kashmir rugs and carpets. At the other end of the palace there is a huge living room and dining room with similar proportions. Each of these is again totally paneled with hand-carved cedar…this time with ornate designs backed by colored lights providing dramatic effects with the main lights turned off.
Rubany Palace of Houseboat
Dal Lake Srinagar Kashmir 190001 (India)
Tel: +91-99066 38165 / + 91-97969 55845 Contact Person : Mr. Yassen / Mr. Ayube
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